Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast: Prep Day 1

Just a quick update:

Today is day one of the fast prep. I am supposed to have two full days to prep, but I am actually bumping it up and starting the full fast tomorrow (Tuesday), as I want to be able to eat at least some raw fruits and veggies by this weekend - have a vegetarian meetup and a bridal shower to attend! Kale and a banana will be looking pretty good by then!

Today was pretty easy. I just ate random fruits and veggies. That was it. No nuts. No grains. I was a bit hungry, as my body isn't used to getting everything it needs to be satiated from just the greens - but, as the day has gone on I am doing alright! I do miss my raw cashews, but I will live! :) For today, I had had a pile of the following: blueberries and strawberries (not pictured), kale (with lemon juice on it), spinach, green pea shoots, avocado, kiwi, carrots, an apple and a banana. Yes - that sure does seem like a lot - but, it is a lot of good food without silly filler. Also, for my fiber boost (which is recommended during the prep stage of the fast), I just took two tablespoons of ground flax and mixed it with a tall glass of water. CHUG! It was gross, but helped my body. When not fasting, I like to take ground flax and mix it in oatmeal, applesauce, etc. Great for fiber and great for omega-3 fatty acids.

Tomorrow starts no food. Sounds easy. But, I am sure it might be a bit daunting! For those of you just joining, please check out the post on fasting to get an idea of what I am doing.

I am finishing up my dinner - raw kale with lemon - yummy! (Really!)
Have a great night, everyone!

Also - just a side note on the natural brush massage:
It is essential to slough off dead skin and open pores - to release those toxins! Click here for instructions. This should be done daily during a fast, according to the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing.


Jim said...

So how did the fast go?

Vegan Danielle Davis said...

Hi, Jim! Read all about it here:
I will also be posting this weekend about my new eating habits - so please stay tuned. :) Hope you are well!