Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Schedule for supplements

*See post 'WHY: Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs' for reasons why I am taking each of these!!

**Click on each link to view product on company's website. These are just the ones I chose, sticking to what is not derived from an animal, comes from a clean and reputable company with good business ethics, etc. You can find most of these at your local health food store or online.

***It may seem like a lot, but the side affects of these are not long-term liver damage, death, etc! The side effects are things like more energy, better sleep, longevity, etc. Yay!

Morning (wake up, empty stomach):

Morning (with breakfast):

  • Maxi B-50 Complex, 1 Capsule - MaxiHealth
  • Flax Seed - ground - 2 Tablespoons - for fiber and EFA (omega-3) - mix with grains, fruit, smoothies, etc. (any brand, organic)
  • CoEnzyme Q-10, 200mg, with 100iu vitamin E and 50 mg soy lecithin - Now Foods
  • Acidophilus and Bifidus, 100mg each - Nature's Answer
  • DMG, 125mg - FoodScience of Vermont
  • Vitamin C - finding new brand (must get 5K-10Kmg daily!)
  • Cranberry, 1000mg w/herbs and vitamin C 100mg - Nature's Plus

Midday (with lunch):

  • Maxi B-50 Complex, 1 Capsule - MaxiHealth
  • Multi-vitamin (vegan) that contains manganese, folic acid, and zinc, 1 tablet - Deva
  • Vitamin C, 2 packets = 2000mg - Emergen-C (mix with MSM)
  • MSM - I buy a kilo (bulk), 1 heaping Tablespoon mixed in Emergen-C (tastes terrible) - Jarrow
  • Boswellia, 500mg, 85% bowelliac acids - Avesta Well Being
  • DLPA, 500mg - Solgar
  • Chelated Molybdenum, 150mcg - Solgar (must take if taking MSM)
  • Blue Green Algae (best source of DHA, vegan), 2 tablets = 1 gram - Klamath

Afternoon (empty stomach):

Dinner (with food):

  • Maxi B-50 Complex, 1 Capsule - MaxiHealth
  • Flax Seed Oil - any brand, cold-pressed, organic, high lignan if possible (don't heat; mix with salads, pour over your beans or rice once cooled, etc. Salad dressing is easiest.)
  • Vitamin E oil, 6 drops, sublingual - Now Foods
  • Lithium Orotate, 120mg - Dr. Hans Nieper
  • Acidophilus and Bifidus, 100mg each - Nature's Answer
  • Vanadyl 10mg, with niacin 20mg and chromium picolinate 200 mcg - Olympian Labs
  • Vitamin C - finding new brand (must get 5K-10Kmg daily!)
  • Cranberry, 1000mg w/herbs and vitamin C 100mg - Nature's Plus

Bedtime (empty stomach):


Christa said...

No Glucosamine and Chrondroitin? I thought I was taking alot.... Here is my current list... It is all prescriptions, topical skin stuff, and all supplements... I have alot of allergies and side effects to meds... so unfortunately the usual Lyrical, Tramadol, Amnitrytaline, Cymbalta... etc. Did not work... and I refuse to live my life on morphine... so I just take LOTS of vicodin. Any recommendations on what else I should add in since your list is that of a pro? I can't take anything with Sulfa or Sulfates in it either....

Nasacort AQ Spray - 1 puff each side per day for Sinus & Allergy relief
Vicodin 10/325 - Approx 6 per day
Clairitin 10mg in AM for Allergies
Provigil 100mg in AM for exhaustion from Sleep Apnea
Seasonique Birth Control Daily for Endomitriosis
Flexeral 20mg at Bed to relax bands of muscles in spasm, and 10mg PRN
for severe spasms by day
Valium 5mg at Bed for Sleep Apnea
Singulair 10mg in PM for Allergies
Benadryl 50mg PRN in PM for Allergies
Patanol Eye Drops PRN for Allergies
Melatonin 3mg in PM to aide sleep
Albuterol Inhaler for Asthma PRN
Lidoderm Patch PRN for muscle spasms and joint pain
Differin Cream .1% for Blackheads and Acne
Duac topical Gel for Wounds & Acne that wont heal
Mupirocin 2% Ointment on Open Wounds to prevent infection
Retin-A Cream 1% for Scars
Clindamycin Lotion to prevent infection on open pores after showering
Brevoxyl 5% Body Wash Daily
Women's Multivitamin Daily
Glucosamine & Chrondroitin 4,000mg Daily
Time Release Vitamin C 500mg Daily
Docusate Stool Softner 100mg Every Other Day
Vitamin B12 Complex Daily
Vitamin D3 2,000mg Daily
Calcium 500mg Daily

Vegan Danielle Davis said...

@Christa - Your list looks a lot like an older one of mine! Okay, the two things that I think you need to add/change: 1.) UP UP UP your vitamin C (It is an anti-oxidant, helps with cell regeneration, helps with collagen synthesis, which is what we have a problem with, etc. It has been recommended by EVERY doc and geneticist I have ever seen. They wanted me to take up to 15,000, so or as close as I can get without it affecting my stomach.). *Take as much as you can without it giving you diarrhea. Your vitamin D units look good, but you may want to look into upping your calcium intake (maybe double that?). Oh - and for acne...does that combo work for you? I tried everything on the market. NOTHING worked. Finally, I bought ProActiv (which I didn't like when I was a teen and tried it), and whoa! My skin has never looked better. :) Just a thought, too. If yours work for you, sweet! :D

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