Saturday, July 18, 2009

Social Security has Dance Party & I Still Have No Assistance

The Social Security Administration had a dance party last week, at the cost of tax payers. The cost? $700,000.

Yep, you read that right.

[Video: ABC15, SSA partying it up in Phoenix at OUR expense.]

Call it a workshop, conference, or whatever else you want. I call it a waste of money and extremely frustrating. We are in a deficit. The Social Security Administration is a government organization that is supposed to be spending money helping out Americans, including those with disabilities. Instead, they are taking $700,000 to boost employee morale, that money coming from tax payers' pockets (this is not a private company using private funds to host a conference - they are taking OUR money to pay for this) - instead of using that money for what it should be used for. Poverty? Medicare? SSI? Disability?

Where is my money? Where is my assistance? I have been fighting my disability case for a long time, all with no answers as of yet (other than 'you are not disabled'), and they are out spending a huge amount of money partying in Arizona. It infuriates me.

What can $700,000 do? Well, for starters, it could pay Social Security Disability benefits to someone at $20,000 a year for the next 35 years. Or, it could pay 50 people $1,200 a month for an entire year. With hundreds of thousands of people across the nation awaiting decisions on their disability claims due to piled up backlogs from lack of funds, it seems a bit ridiculous for the SSA to just toss this money around like poker chips in a casino.

I am all for employee parties and 'training' conferences, from private companies that have funds for them. When I worked for Southwest Airlines, trust me, when the money was rolling in for the company, we had plenty of them. The SSA is not Southwest Airlines. My livelihood, my medical care, and my future depend on them actually doing their job, treating my case justly, and listening to my doctors when they say I have disabilities that make it too difficult to work enough to care for myself. I need the SSA to put their money where it belongs. And, the general public deserves to have their taxes put to use to help our fellow countrymen, and not to for the SSA to play dance party at the cost of $700K.

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