Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saying 'NO' to Agave Nectar

When looking into what sweeteners I should use in my 'healthy' diet, I decided that added sugars were a big 'no-no,' but I found that agave nectar was low on the glycemic index (so it wouldn't raise my blood sugar a lot, which can cause pain and inflammation) and decided it would be the only thing I added into my diet on occasion (that once in a while cup of coffee, to sweeten up some roasted veggies for fun, etc.)...but, I wasn't convinced that it was 'good for me' and have heard there is controversy over whether or not it actually might be harmful.

I decided to do more research, and thankfully, at the same time, RenegadeHealth.com showcased their stance on agave nectar (and then a great, more in-depth follow-up video was released the following day) - and these confirmed what I was finding. Agave is not something I should be indulging in! In fact, I am eliminating it from my diet, along with all of the other sweeteners. I will only use things like dried and fresh fruit for my sweetening needs. Feel free to comment, or to check out the raw blog I love (I am not raw, but do eat a lot of raw foods): Renegade Health!

The decision is not based solely on Annmarie and Kevin's blog, but I do give them a lot of credit - they are typically 'right-on-the-money' and in line with the way I view things. They reference nutritionists, doctors, holistic health gurus, etc. I don't always agree with everything they talk about, but I do a lot of the time (90%?), and this is one of them. :)

No more agave for me!

(The first video gives some brief info on agave, the second one goes into more detail. I recommend watching them in order.)

(Video: Renegade Health on agave nectar, take two, *video one is not included in my post*)

(Video: Renegade Health on agave nectar, take three)

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Christa said...

Well... I learn something new every day... I thought I was bettering myself by choosing that over like Splenda... but I guess not.... not as hardcore as you girlie... I can not just go on dried fruits... but maybe I will save my $ and just go back to the equally processed stuff... that tastes a lil sweeter! Yes... I am a sugar junkie!!!!

Christa said...

Mmmm... just listened again... I can do honey? Oh that makes me happy... that to me tastes better than even Sugar in the Raw! WHOOT!

Shellie said...

Wow, I am SO glad that you posted this! I am a total user of Agave for my coffee- infact, I was using steevia but it tasted somewhat off to me- so I just switched back to agave. Looks like I will go back to my roots of Sugar in the Raw or Honey until I have some time to research more in depth. Thanks for the tips! loves. xo

Achelois said...

Husband just asked this evening to get me some more of this as he puts it on his breakfast (healthy) I just don't know if he will accept its not healthy for him. It so doesn't say that on the jar and he thinks it good as its expensive sigh sigh...

Vegan Danielle Davis said...

Hey hun - yes - I would certainly say agave is better than Splenda or any other chemical sweetener (Splenda is bleached sugar, not natural like they say), but I would say it is equal with regular sugar. Sugar addict, I hear you! (I don't mean that in a good way! - see my newest post!) :P Yes, honey is at least natural. I don't eat it, but I would say it is the safest of the bunch - though it is still not good for ya! I just post all of this NOT to tell you what to do, but just to get everyone thinking - without our health, we have nothing (and we already don't have much going for us in that department!! Lol!)

yes, check out the latest posting for more info on agave and other sweeteners. Stevia is certainly the best of those, but try the date thing I mention in the new post for things like smoothies or whatnot. For coffee or tea - I am just going black. There is an article I link to in the latest post (my agave follow-up) that you might check out - from beginning to end. It might clarify a lot of this for you! :)

Yes - it is SO hard to not listen to marketing these days - especially when it is coming from a 'healthy alternative' - I worked in a natural foods store for a bit and we all just had to laugh at some of the things companies claim as healthy. that is why research is so important. the more you look up and read - the better! Like I mentioned to Christa - check out the article I link to in my latest posting. And, in the least, you are aware that agave isn't all it is cracked up to be!

xoxo Thanks, ladies!!

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