Monday, April 26, 2010

The Dangers of Soy

 'Bad Soy'

I love Dr. Joseph Mercola. He is a wealth of information on natural health care. He is definitely on the more extreme end of the spectrum and I appreciate the alternative thinking, though I don't follow all of it. But, even for skeptics out there, he has a ton of great information and backs up claims with a solid list of references and studies. Even if you don't follow all of his advice, this is one thing I highly recommend looking into. Something he reported on recently was the dangerous side of SOY. I am a believer that soy is evil! Well, not in all forms. Soy makes up a ton of 'meat alternatives' and processed vegan foods, and of course is a staple of many vegan diets in the form of tofu. Once I eliminated 'bad' processed soy from my diet, I began to feel a lot better.

Even if you just take the basics from his article and do your own research, it is important to stay informed. He does request that you join his mailing list if you want to receive the full article. It isn't necessary if you want to do your own investigating, but it is certainly an easy way to get a copy of his report. Either way, here is the info!



Dr. Mercola's Soy Report


Who hasn't heard of the marvels of soy? The marketing bandwagon has touted soy as the next perfect health food for decades. In fact, its health benefits have been aggressively pushed in advertisements on national TV.
And from 1992 to 2006, soy food sales increased from $300 million to nearly $4 billion! That just goes to show that soy has fast become synonymous with healthy eating.

But could something that sounds so healthy be actually dangerous? Before you take another bite of tofu and another gulp of flavored soy milk, we believe you should read another side of the soy story. Read the report How to Get the Benefits of Soy Without All the Health Risks.


Asians consume large amounts of soy, that's why they lead long, healthy lives.

The report How to Get the Benefits of Soy Without All the Health Risks tells you that they are consuming far less soy than Americans! In fact a Japanese man consumes about 2 teaspoons of soy in a day, far less than Americans, who guzzle soy milk by the gallons and have substituted meat with processed tofu (so they can feel that they're not missing out). Find out why moderation is actually the key to the Asians' healthy diet.

Modern Soy Foods have the same benefits as Traditionally Fermented Soy.

Most modern soy food from soy milk to soy burgers are processed, which means they contain natural toxins called “antinutrients”. Learn what these antinutrients can do to your health and how much danger they pose. Learn why traditional, fermented soy disposes of these natural toxins to make for “healthy soy”.

Soy formula is safe for infants.

Learn how mega doses of phytoestrogens in soy formulas are putting your infant's normal sexual development at risk. The report How to Get the Benefits of Soy Without All the Health Risks will show you why your infant should be off Soy Formulas! You'd be shocked to know that you are feeding your baby with 5 birth control pills worth of estrogen with soy infant formulas. Just imagine how that much estrogen can mess up your baby's sexual development.


Soy is no laughing matter. Aside from containing antinutrients which are natural toxins, it has a number of alarming compounds that may put your total health in peril.
  • Soy contains goitrogens which lead to depressed thyroid function.
  • It also contains phytates which prevent absorption of life enhancing minerals.
  • It is also loaded with phytoestrogens which sometimes block the hormone estrogen and have adverse effects on human tissues!
These are only a few of soy's hidden dangers. Read the report How to Get the Benefits of Soy Without All the Health Risks and you will be alarmed at how long you have been in the dark!

You will also be shocked that you have actually put yourself in danger of diseases that you had hoped to avoid by eating soy. Read on about a sampling of health effects that non-fermented soy puts you at risk for!
  • Breast Cancer
  • Brain Damage
  • Infant Abnormalities
These are just a few of the alarming health conditions mentioned in the report among many others.


But soy is not the Total Health Enemy it's cut out to be - if it is fermented! Find out what fermented soy products will be better for your health. Learn about Vitamin K2 (the forgotten vitamin) found in these recommended fermented soy products:
  • Tempeh
  • Miso
  • Natto
  • Soy Sauce
 Tempeh 'bacon' over Split Pea Soup - Good Soy!

Find out how Vitamin K2 promotes heart health and gently redirects calcium back to your "bone bank". Discover that K2 is slowly emerging as a key vitamin to fight the signs of aging. Learn how to benefit from "soy" without the health risks that non-fermented soy brings.


You have been unknowing victims of a massive marketing ploy for years. And for purposes of "profit" your health has been put at risk. We are here to inform you on how to keep the dangers of soy away from your family and avoid eating more soy. But bear in mind, though you may become eventually convinced to avoid soy products altogether, you also unwittingly find soy in your meat extenders, even in the oil used to fry your food! Find out how to protect yourself further from the unseen dangers of soy.
  • Learn how to become an adept label reader.
  • The FDA has enforced rules that require food companies to inform consumers about what goes in their food.
  • Know what tips there are to totally avoid non-fermented soy foods.
Read the report How to get the Benefits of Soy Without All the Health Risks and get the low down on Soy!

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stipeygirl75 said...

I have to watch soy also as my thyroid is a bit low, and my estrogen is too high. Reading labels is soooo important!

Vegan Danielle Davis said...

@stipeygirl - it really can wreak havoc on our bodies. Good thing you already know this, especially with your thyroid! Labels, labels, labels! Absolutely!