Monday, May 23, 2011

Random EDS Posters Around Northern Nevada

The rest of the EDS posters and flyers found random homes in the Silver State...

I got 2 sizes: 11"x17" and 13"x19"

 Dr. Killeen's office stuck one up, 
and I had too much fun while I was there. Lol!

 Got one up at City Hall in Sparks.

 I was able to stick some flyers on the tables 
at this random doctors' office.

Jolt-N-Java is a local coffee place.

I got one up at the sign-in area of the local 
Children's Cabinet & Wilbur D. May Youth Center, 
which is basically a safe-haven for needy and at-risk kids and families. 

 süp is a local restaurant that serves a variety of clientele, 
from upper class to the local hipster crowd. Not only did a poster go up
at the front door, but it went right next to a poster that listed 
my friend's musical performance.

Freeman's Natural Hotdogs serves vegan and 
non-vegan hotdogs. And also now has an EDS 
poster at eye-level by the front door. 
The blue is very vivid when walking in. Perfect!

 Dr. Pat and Krista Colletti's Pediatrics office posted some flyers.

 A poster went up on the bulletin board of the local Raley's grocery store.

And Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center stuck a few up as well.

Hope your day is lovely and bright!


Bridget said...


You've done a wonderful job getting the word out about EDS. This is how I know you'll always be able to transform your personal suffering into something that helps the greater good.

We can't spend our time feeling sorry for ourselves; we need to help others who may have EDS get the information they need. Focusing on the needs of our undiagnosed brothers and sisters is one of the best things we can do.

MJ said...

Danielle: It's people like you who make a difference in the world. I don't believe in sitting by and doing nothing---it achieves nothing. Keep up the great work! MJ