Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Ankle Braces Ever

Hey all! I had a special request from a friend, so I am finally getting around to posting my much-delayed but ever-important information about ankle support. I have my favorite braces/splints listed below and I discuss why I like them, how to wear them, tips for cushioning, and shoes they work with in the video.

These are my favorite ankle braces, MalleoLoc by Bauerfeind:

Bauerfeind USA contact information:

Jim Johnson
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Bauerfeind USA, Inc.
Office (423) 468-4593
Cell (404) 697-4092
**If you are outside of the U.S., Jim can probably direct you to the right contact.

Jim will be able to help you get the right size for your feet and also help you get in touch with a third party to help bill your insurance. He is fantastic. 

If you work with Brian at XCL Medical, he is wonderful as well. He was my third party representative and was so helpful. 

 Pardon the dog and cat hair all over my socks! Ha!

Meeko and Raina approve of Mama being a happy camper with stable ankles! :)

Hope this provides help to all of you with ankle issues!
Love, hugs, and sunshine!


Nab-Bisco said...

Wow, this looks like something I may eventually try if my ankle gets any looser. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this topic. Like you, my ankles roll out and I'm limited to wearing certain types of shoes. I wonder if I should wait till my Morton's Neuroma completely heals before trying this Bauerfiend brace.

Corrinne Davies said...

Purchased this brace a few months ago based on your recommendation. Felt more assured since the advice came from a fellow EDSer. I'm like this brace, so much better than the dozen OTC ones I've tried.

kevin smith said...

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Brooke Bowen said...

I have terrible ankles and I'm always looking for something to help them. I've never tried something like this and I think it may help. Do you know where I can get something like this? I would love to try it!

Kasia St. said...

I had a different type of brace from Bauerfiend and while I LOVED the customer service from them I just didn't like the brace. I'm using the BioSkin TriLok ankle brace now and so far I'm really liking it! It might not be right for my left ankle but I have it for my right one now and it's as sturdy as the ones you like but fit better into my shoes!

Alana Delisle said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm going to get one. I've got flat feet and over a few months my feet have changed dramatically for the worst. I have hypermobile ankles and wish I'd tried this year's ago! Thank you for sharing!

Wheelchair India said...

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