Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Stylus for All of Us!

I found a stylus (a pen for electronics for you older folks, wink wink) that is perfect for EDS hands.It's called the Cosmonaut.

The reason I like this one in particular (and I purchased many to try to find the perfect one), is that it is very fat and rubbery, so gripping it is much easier for those with EDS. Also, the tip doesn't have to pushed down very hard in order to work, unlike a lot of others that I tried where you had to force the tip down hard to make contact and use it. That tires out fingers and hands very quickly, and can even dislocate joints. 

Why a stylus instead of just using your fingers? Well, for me, it makes using my phone and Nook much easier. My fingers aren't as fatigued and I get more done. It's a win-win in my book. 

You can hold the stylus several different ways, whichever is easier on your own hands:

The proportions are just perfect for my hands...much easier than the skinny ones...

You can purchase the Cosmonaut directly from Amazon through my LifeWithEDS Store, just visit the shop! It's the cheapest I've found it on the web. 

Happy scribbling! 


Jessi said...

Very pen. I like it !

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I see some old posts talking about an EDS support group in Columbus. I'd like to attend but the only thing I can find is a Facebook group, and I can't view it without joining the group. I'd rather not have folks be able to see that I'm part of this group (I still work), and Facebook seems to offer no way to hide this. I'm Chiari Malformation w/ hypermobility and suspected connective tissue disorder. Any help is appreciated.

April Jones said...

Hello Dani, I heard about your blog from Dr. Ericson's office. I'm trying to find a doctor in the Seattle area (or maybe even in Washington state) that can diagnose me with Ehlers-Danlos. Dr. Ericson thinks I have it, and I've had two surgeries so far (one more on the way.) I've tried Dr. Humenez but he isn't accepting new patients, and the University of Washington won't do a genetic test. If you could help, I would really really appreciate it.

Nate said...

Hi Danielle,

I myself have chronic illness but I have a friend who has EDS and I am wondering what you found to be the best natural treatments to deal with EDS. I'm also wondering what you found to best help you and what you might know of that might help but what you haven't tried yourself yet. Any info or any info you might be able to link me to would be greatly appreciated. I hope you are doing well.

helen taylor said...
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helen said...

its nice.

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