Saturday, October 17, 2015

You Were Such a Pain in the Hips: Bursectomy 101

Since as far back as I can remember, I've had pain on the side of my hips. The pain was caused by bursitis, for which I had received many steroid injections to help reduce the inflammation. The injections were no longer working, and one can really only have so many injections in an area before you start to cause problems, so I thought I was out of options. Then a miracle happened. I recently had bilateral bursectomies (my right and left legs), and I've described the surgery in the video below.

Right after surgery:

Right leg

Left leg

A week after surgery:

Right side

Left side
For those of you that would like to watch a doctor performing this actual operation on another person, there is a 4 minute video below; it's graphic, but brilliant:



cynthia uribe said...

So glad it helped you. Mine has been so much better since my pt's started treating SIJ and pelvic subluxations. I have minimal to no pain now. Such a relief!

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