Meet Dani

My Life in a Nutshell

If my life was a nut, it would definitely be a Brazil nut. The shells are dark, hard, rocky and weathered. They seem to be impossible to break open, but when you finally allow them to take a breath of the sweet daylight, you find a heart inside that is pure, earthy, and unique. I wish I could forget the first 18 years of my life; I endured years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse which has scarred my delicate flesh. I lived a nightmare most people don't want to imagine or even hear about, something off of one of the crime-dramas I am so addicted to. I was bruised on the inside and outside. I didn't fit in anywhere, even amongst my group of friends I always felt like an outsider. Just like that Brazil nut, I was the black sheep of my family and school, the odd man out, the last nut in the dish that no one wanted to touch because it looked different, a little funny, if you will. Luckily, though, with the help of a few family members, some friends, and most recently my lovely partner in life, I have been able to break off pieces of that rock-solid exterior, day-by day, year-by-year, and begin to let the sun in, the moon in, allow the winds to blow through my hair and allow the rains to wash away some of the tears; I have become stronger and wiser, more loving and accepting of myself, and best of all, I am happy to be that quirky nut that is left in the bottom of the dish.

When my shell is off, I am a rockstar...or at least I act like one. I love to sing as loud as possible to the best music, dance around in my underwear and twirl around in the sunshine like a kid (though POTS tends to make that one a bit more difficult). I like adventure, and some might liken it to being bipolar, others might just say I am more colorful than most. Either way, I have had many crazy journeys that have led me all over the United States. I once drove a U-Haul to L.A. to be a songwriter, though I had never played a guitar and can't hold a tune in a bucket. I flailed through a sea of jobs for a while. I grew up way too quickly and acted like I was 40 when I was 20, wearing a business suit to work and bossing people around (nicely, of course), flew here and there as a flight attendant for several years, then landed as a late twenty-something in a job that was awful but gave me a new outlook on life. I worked for the world's largest non-profit animal rights organization in a position that I hated with a boss that made me cry weekly; but, I lost the starched and ironed clothes, got the tattoo I always wanted, and finally knew where I belonged - helping all beings, large and small, to find a better place on this beautiful planet and find love in the face of adversity. I wanted to give hope to the hopeless. I also happened to meet a few amazing nuts along the way.

During all of this, I was diagnosed with multiple illnesses (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD) that keep me physically down a lot of the time, but I do my best to not let them keep my spirits down. Sometimes they win, and sometimes I do. It has been one long road, with so many curves I have lost count and so many tumbles and falls along the way, but I have been able to take a lot of good from it, too. To keep sane, I blog. To keep happy, I write. To keep connected, I type. To help others, I speak from my heart. I started this blog as a way to get things off of my chest. It has turned into an amazing website that has helped many people, and I am just thankful that I have gotten to be part of it. Every one of my readers helps me live, helps me breathe, helps me smile, even on the worst of days.

When I am not blogging, I can be found laying on the couch moaning in pain on a bad day, hobbling around like a 90-year-old on a fair day, or painting a masterpiece on a good day. When my body is cooperating, I enjoy growing food like kale and carrots. I can make some mean vegan pesto with organic home-grown basil. I currently reside in San Juan Island, Washington with my wife and a house full of animals, 3 cats, 3 dogs, and a fish pond. I'm a modern hippie, activist, nature-lover, DIY-er, prefer flip-flops (or even rain boots: welcome to the Pacific Northwest!) to snow boots, and I like anything green. I am in love with a woman who makes everything feel like rainbows and moonbeams; and while I have come across more nuts in my more than 30 years, she happens to be the only other Brazil nut I have ever met. And, two in the bowl is always better than one.

That's it from me, for now. It's so nice to meet you.

xo dani

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